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Myanmar, Culture / Aug 12, 2021

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Myanmar's traditional cosmetics "Thannak"

 In my stay in Japan, I started buying Japanese foundation. In Myanmar, I used to buy foundations made in China or Thailand, but when I applied them to my face, they are not moist enough and fell off quickly over time.

Myanmar, Culture / Aug 05, 2021

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Tea in Myanmar

I had the opportunity to participate in a Japanese tea ceremony practice. I was surprised at all the complicated methods. On the other hand, there is a culture of love of tea in Myanmar, but the situation is quite different and unique, so I will talk about the relationship between Myanmar people and tea.

Myanmar, Culture / July 6, 2021

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Myanmar Education System

About two years ago, there were only public schools in Myanmar, but now there are also more private schools and international schools. I think the quality of education is better than before.

Myanmar, Culture / June 11, 2021

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What I Felt After Receiving A Medical Checkup

My second life in Japan began in the form of a job at Haberz, and as a member of society I have experienced many different things from Myanmar. From the experience of the regular health checkup that I received from the company, I will introduce what surprised me by the difference from Myanmar.

Myanmar, Culture / May 25, 2021

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The Gap between Impressions and Reality of Japan: Discrimination

In Myanmar, almost everyone takes English as the first foreign language at school. However, I studied Japanese as a few learners. My friend asked me, “Why do you study Japanese?” It is because as everyone studies English, English learners will face to competition at the time of recruitment, but since there are a few Japanese learners, I thought that being able to speak Japanese would be advantageous when I look for a job.

Myanmar, Culture / March 4, 2021

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Living in Japan for the second time

I was an international student for the first time from 2012 to 2015. As it was my first time, I was often confused and troubled by different cultures, different languages, and different lives. But I got used to life in Japan in about the second year.

Myanmar, Culture / February 8, 2021

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Myanmar Culture (Custom of Names)

In many countries of the world, people have surnames and names. Name your baby when it's born. I already have my parents' last name. However, Myanmar has not had a family name for a long time, and only the first name is used for naming a baby.

Myanmar, Culture / January 3, 2021

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Problems faced by Myanmar Technical trainees while entering Japan during Corona (Part 2)

The number of people who can not go to work in Japan due to corona is increasing rapidly. I would like to explain institutionally, why so many workers are at a stop when the Japanese government did not restrict entry to Myanmar.

Myanmar, Culture / December 21, 2020

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Myanmar people who are waiting to come to Japan in Corona (Part 1)

This year there were various problems due to Corona. When the pandemic began to spread, I thought it would be over in about 4 to 5 months, but in Myanmar it spread rapidly around September and became a nationwide problem.

Myanmar, Culture / December 10, 2020

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Issues related to procedures for coming to Japan from Myanmar

When I came to Japan as an International student, I prepared various documents. There are so many documents to submit to the Immigration Bureau in Japan, but I had a good understanding of the deadline for submission and when the COE (Certificate of Eligibility) would fall. Therefore, I was able to prepare for Japan relatively smoothly.

Myanmar, Culture / October 12, 2020

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Japanese language learners: Specific Skills Test and Japanese Language Test

Since Japan is collaborating in developed countries, there are many Myanmar people who want to visit Japan for sightseeing, study, and work. Japanese language learners - Japanese and Myanmar grammar are similar. Examination system - In order to go to Japan as a technical intern trainee, the specific skills system started in 2019.

Myanmar, Culture / October 4, 2020

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Japanese versus Myanmar customs

Japan and Myanmar are Asian countries, but the cultures are quite different. How to eat: In Japan, when you eat, you should not make sound. Tattoos: Myanmar people have a habit of tattooing, so it's a problem among people who want to work in Japan.

Myanmar, Culture / September 29, 2020

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The Pros and Cons of Japan

Japan is a popular country in all over the world. Japanese people often work from morning till late at night. Many Japanese people are kind and polite. Japan is a developed country, so there are many things I like. I would like to learn how to work with Japanese people.

Myanmar, Culture / September 14, 2020

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Spirits of Myanmar

Myanmar is a Buddhist country where many people believe in Buddha, but there are others who believe in Hinduism and Islam. I would like to introduce the Burmese view of religion as a Buddhist. In addition to the Buddhist gods, we also believe in the divine spirit of the earth, and in Myanmar, this spirit is called "Nat".

Myanmar, Culture / August 30, 2020

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Superstitions in Myanmar

Even now, there are various superstitions for each ethnic group. In Myanmar, there are various superstitions for each region and ethnic group, and people believe in them regardless of age or gender. Since I'm Burmese, I can't speak deeply about the superstitions of other ethnic minorities, but I'd like to introduce them to Burmese superstitions.

Myanmar, Culture / August 13, 2020

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Why people of Myanmar want to live in Japan

Myanmar was a closed society with a military government until 2015. Just five years ago, Myanmar's society changed dramatically.

Myanmar, Culture / August 3, 2020

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Expensive Japan

In Myanmar, Japan is famous for being expensive. The salary is much higher than in Myanmar, so there are many people who want to work in Japan.

Myanmar, Culture / July 27, 2020

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Japanese view on Religion

Each country has its own religion. Since Japan is also an Asian country, it has the influence of Buddhism.

Myanmar, Culture / July 19, 2020

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Japan's strict rules

While studying in Japan, I thought that Japan is a country with more strict rules than Myanmar.

Myanmar, Culture / July 13, 2020

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Kind and unkind Japanese ideas

When I was studying abroad, there were about 3,000 international students at the University of Tsukuba.

Myanmar, Culture / July 12, 2020

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Rules of Japan

There are various rules in each country. If you are in a specific country, it is natural for foreigners to follow the rules.

Myanmar, Culture / June 29, 2020

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International students working part-time in Japan

I got a scholarship from the Japanese government, so when I worked part-time, the procedure was difficult. So, I couldn't work part-time. But many international students worked part-time in convenience stores and Izakaya in Japan.

Myanmar, Culture / June 24, 2020

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Japanese drinking party

The customs and culture of each country are different. When you live abroad, the customs and culture of that country may not suit you. When I went to graduate school in Japan, I was invited to a drinking party, which is a drinking place which is different from Myanmar.

Myanmar, Culture / June 22, 2020

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Japanese lifestyle

There are many things that are very different in Myanmar when compared to Japanese life. The custom of bath and toilet is one of them. Before I got used to it, I was very puzzled by the difference in this habit. TOS 1. Bath 2. Toilet 3. Summary Bath & ...

Myanmar, Culture / June 17, 2020

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Problems I faced while studying in Japan

Before I got a scholarship from the Japanese government to study abroad, my biggest problem was to study and research. However, when everyday life in Japan actually started, there were many problems besides studying as a person from a different nation.

Myanmar, Culture / June 7, 2020

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Things I had trouble with when I just started in Japan

In Myanmar, more and more people have recently come to Japan and want to work or study abroad. Of course, the most important thing to study and work in Japan is Japanese. Especially kanji. Kanji is not easy for foreigners from countries that do not use Kanji.

India, Culture 

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Diwali celebrated by Indians in Japan

Diwali is the favorite festival of many Indians. We celebrate every autumn. This year it is November 14th. It is also an important festival for Indians living in Japan, but when you celebrate in Japan, there are many things that are different from India.

Case Study , Culture

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Declaration of Emergency due to spread of Covid-19 in Japan

On April 7, in seven prefectures of Japan including Tokyo (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo, and Fukuoka) a declaration has been issued.

Case Study , Technology

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Japan's Electronics Industry and Engineers

The electronics industry was competitive as a home art such as semiconductors, office automation equipment, liquid crystal, etc., but it declined from the latter half of the 1990s...

Case Study , Culture

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What foreigners must keep in mind while seeking a job in Japan

In contrast to decreasing population(shortage of manpower) in Japan, number of foreigners in Japan are increasing. Why? Japanese baby boomers have started to retire since 2007. They make about 30% of Japanese population.

Case Study , Culture

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Work Force in Myanmar

In April 2019, in order to solve the serious labor shortage, a new status of residence was established as Specific Skills No. 1, which has skills that require knowledge and experience and engages in work in 14 target industries. In the future, we will accept labor from all over the world with this qualification, but now nine Asian countries are eligible. I went to Myanmar, one of the target countries.

Marketing , Technology / August 13

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Digital Marketing Tips

Technology is leading the way in a changing world today. Digital marketing is a technology that has changed the course of marketing and business. Digital marketing is about companies connecting with their customers at the right time and in the right place.

Case Study , Culture / July 19

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The Arrival of a Multicultural Society

Japan is the fastest aging country in the world. 27.3% of the population is over 65, or about 1 in 4. Developed countries such as Italy 22.4%, Germany 21.2%, France 19.1%, and Spain 18.8% follow Japan in an aging society.

Case Study, Technology 

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The Importance of Website Design

What do you do when you search for something? Search on Google and go to your favorite website from there, right? The search requirements are determined by what and why you search.

Case Study , Technology 

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The Latest Technology for Website Development

Have you never wondered how a website works when you’re using the Internet? The website contains a lot of information about your business and services.

Case Study, Technology 

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Digitalization of hospitals

"Fast service" and "Management with Reduced Manpower"

Case Study , Culture 

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The Nepalese Boy

In India and Nepal, foreign tourists are often attracted to begging children.

Case Study, Technology 

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Erp (Efficiency Improvement of Management Resources) Success Examples of Fast Food Restaurants

Food Club, an Indian fast food restaurant in Manama, needed a new system to grow its business. The company has experienced significant growth over the past few years and was looking to replace existing enterprise applications in line with capital expenditures made to increase production capacity.

Case Study , Technology

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Offshore Team implements Augmented Reality AR

For virtual reality VR, augmented reality AR (augmented reality) is a technology that adds information to a real environment, for example, information about a place appears on a landscape viewed through a smartphone. The Indian team used this technology to solve the Rotana Hotel problem.

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