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Bilingual service between Burmese and Japanese

We are a multilingual community working towards the betterment of the society. 

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About Our Services

We accept translations in Myanmar.  We provide services that meet the needs of Japanese companies expanding into Myanmar. In the field, we will respond according to the request of the delivery date, from general documents to manuals and contracts. English and Myanmar languages, as well as English and Japanese translations are also available. We will estimate the price according to the delivery date using one Japanese A4 sheet (400 characters) as one page. Please feel free to contact us. Haa Baht can translate various documents between Burmese and Japanese, or Burmese and English to meet the various needs of Japanese companies doing business in Myanmar and so on. Please ask for an estimate by "contact us".

Need Advice?

Based on our extensive international experience, we will help you connect Japanese companies with translation services.

For any matter, please contact us first.

We provide varied services to our clients particularly focusing on language, translation, IT sector and training in various fields.

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