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CAD Engineer

I came to Japan from Myanmar as an engineer on June 15th. I was hired on a work visa by Mr. Herberts. I work with CAD at a company that installs TV and Internet lines in newly built houses. I didn’t have to pay a service charge to Herberts, they introduced me to everything for free. Herberts was very good at completing the paperwork and visa application, and helped us get to Japan. Even after joining the company, they are always available for consultation. The president of the company where I work bought me an airline ticket, rented a house when I came to Japan, and prepared all the household goods. I was delayed in entering the Japan due to the political situation in Myanmar and the influence of corona, but Herberts and the president of my employer patiently helped me, so I was able to join the company without any problem.


International Admin 

After graduating from a vocational school, I was hired by a local hotel, but my job disappeared in Corona.
So when I was a student, I went back to Tokyo and looked for a job, but it got difficult. I knew Haa Baht while I was interviewed by many companies So, I contacted Mitsuko Takahashi. I practiced for the interview, and there is no service charge related to visa application or referral. I was lucky to meet a good company. Thanks to Haa Baht Inc. employees and I wish them even more success.

Htet Htet Aung

Specific skill worker at Food Processing Factory

I was told to pay the referral fee and visa application fee, saying that candidate would be hired followed by an interview by the person in charge of the company. The process of recruitment started by Ms. Htet Htet San of the Haa Baht Inc. Company. They explained me the job well and contacted me before the interview. They also introduced me to good work.


IT Engineer

1) What problems did you face while searching a job in Japan?

Ans: I had a plethora of problems trying to find work in Japan even though I finished my MBA from NUCB Business school. Some of them are: don’t know which companies were hiring, how to contact recruiters, language barrier, setting up interviews, visa issues due to pandemic; just to name a few. One of the biggest being no campus placements culture in Japan.

2) How did you try to solve it?

Ans: Just like anywhere else I tried to contact recruiters through LinkedIn (which failed miserably as its not popular), went through websites of well-known companies and applied but to no avail, have tried registering in websites like indeed, hellowork, daijob etc. and other consultancy services but was drawing a short straw.

3) How did Haa Baht help you?

Ans: At first, I thought Haa Baht Inc. was similar to other consultancy recruiting services but it wasn’t long before they proved me wrong. Everything they did was systematic, from setting up their internal interview to actual interviews with clients.

  • Firstly, they took my internal interview to understand my strengths and weaknesses (in both English and Japanese to my surprise).
  • At the time of the interviews I was not in Japan due to pandemic shutting down borders, but it didn’t matter to them as they were looking for skilled individuals.
  • Haa Baht Inc. was always in touch with me through mails and text weekly, sometimes daily regarding the companies that required my skillset and forwarded my resume.
  • They advised me to make a Japanese resume (李玲紀), but with limited.
  • Japanese skills it was hard for me to pull it off (it was pretty bad actually) but they translated my English version and explained it to the recruiter about my skills, I am always grateful for it.
  • They advised me how to prepare for the interviews and how to conduct yourself during one. They were with me during the interview.
  • And after I cracked the interview, the catch was to check if I will be able to get better at Japanese conversation in the coming 3-6 months. Haa Baht Inc. helped me make a Japanese study plan and made sure I stuck to it.
  • Finally, I was hired and even after that, Haa Baht Inc. has helped me with work visa procedure.

Interviews were scheduled within 2-3 weeks from when I first contacted them, which is really rare in Japan.

4) A piece of advice to your fellow Indian engineers looking for a job in Japan.

Ans: Throughout my time from job search to interviews to finally landing a job. I think the major focus if someone wants to land a job in Japan must be:

  • A Specialization: Have a specialization whether it is in IT field, electronics, mechanical etc. and don’t stop learning. The recruiters look for your enthusiasm and your ability to keep learning
  • Language: Even if you are a novice, start learning Japanese asap. Language barrier is a real thing. It may take time, but not giving up and showing progress is a core principle which entices the Japanese companies.

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