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…….In ASEAN, the number of Japanese language learners increased sharply due to the influence of anime and other factors, and in order to solve the teacher shortage problem, Prime Minister Abe at the time started a national project to send civilians as partners to ASEAN. I applied for it without hesitation and was dispatched to a high school in Thailand. It was my fourth overseas life after India, France, and Russia.

Under Japanese government project, I was selected to teach in a Thai school for the purpose of promoting Japanese language and culture among students in ASEAN countries by the Japan Foundation.

I had various exchanges with Thai students and made many memories. I talked to some enthusiastic students in Japan. During my tenure at the Thai school, I happened to talk about the Japanese custom that we give 5-yen coin to someone you want to keep a relationship for long. When I was returning to Japan, a student remembering about the story gave me a 5 Baht coin as a souvenir which meant to maintain a bond between them. This inspired me to name my start-up company as “Haa Baht” because I thought that my job was to connect people across borders, I meant to create a bridge between Japan and other countries. This is how the idea of “Haa Baht” originated.

After returning home, I named the company  “Haa Bahts” in Thai based on 5 baht and started my business.

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