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While the internationalization of Japanese companies is slow, Japan is about to enter a multicultural society. The strength of Haa Baht’s foreign recruitment is that a team with international experience understands and introduces both the needs of Japanese companies and the feelings of foreigners.

Recruiting is a work that affects human life, and we respond in good faith with a sense of responsibility.

In addition, based on our abundant experience in international business, we will provide information and advice on the market you are interested in, and support the collection of information to understand the market situation when expanding overseas.

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IT & Digital Offshore Support

Build IT offshore & improve operational efficiency at a low cost.

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Overseas Business Support

We specialize in marketing aimed at establishing a brand and gaining awareness. In addition, our strength is that our representatives and employees understand multiple languages, mainly in English.

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Translation Service

We accept translations in Myanmar. We provide services that meet the needs of Japanese companies expanding into Myanmar.

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Seminars & Training

The companies that hire foreigners, we offer effective training seminars to meet your environment and budget.

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Japanese Language Training

Prepare JLPT and improve your Japanese with experienced native teachers.

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