What Haa Baht Can Do for You?

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Haberz’s internationally experienced team, who understands the needs of Japanese companies, will introduce the best human resources.

We provide detailed support to recruiting companies, such as helping to create an environment for hiring foreigners, supporting the retention of foreigners who have hired them, and proposing subsidies.

We will do our best to help job seekers get the job they want. In addition, we provide support as necessary, such as living environment after employment and communication with employers.

For the detailed information about our services, please visit the Services Section.

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IT & Digital Offshore Support

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Overseas Business Support/Consulting

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Translation Service

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Seminars & Training

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Japanese Language Training

Need global talent?

If you have a shortage of global human resources in your company and your overseas expansion is not progressing well, please contact Haa Baht Inc., which has international business experience.

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