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While the internationalization of Japanese companies is slow, Japan is about to enter a multicultural society. The strength of Haa Baht Inc.’s foreign recruitment is that a team with international experience understands and introduces both the needs of Japanese companies and the feelings of foreigners.

Recruiting is a work that affects human life, and we respond in good faith with a sense of responsibility.

In addition, based on our abundant experience in international business, we will provide information and advice on the market you are interested in, and support the collection of information to understand the market situation when expanding overseas.


Overseas Business Expansion

In order to promote your overseas expansion, we support the selection of destinations, partner search, strategic planning, formulation of business plans, etc. in an accompaniment type. We are good at branding and marketing, and propose business plans including strategy planning based on the results of surveys in overseas markets.

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The quality and reliability of "Made in Japan" materials and products are recognized all over the world. If you are a small and medium-sized company that has absolute confidence in your products but finds it difficult to find a sales channel in Japan, why not look overseas?

IT & Digital Offshore Assistance

Offshore System Development Enables Companies To Digitally Transform At A Lower Cost. In order to meet these needs, we partner with excellent Indian engineers and offshore teams to meet the needs of DX.



Our experienced team at home and abroad who understands the challenges and needs of Japanese companies will do their best to help job seekers get the job they want. In addition, we provide support as necessary, such as the living environment after employment and communication with employers.

Need global talent?

If you have a shortage of global human resources in your company and your overseas expansion is not progressing well, please contact Haa Baht Inc., which has international business experience.

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