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Following the Reiwa 3rd, we, Haa Baht Inc. are selected as the support partner of the Reiwa 4th Japan Brand Development Business Project conducted by METI.

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Why we can support your Overseas Business?

Our representatives have lived in four countries overseas, namely France, Russia, and Thailand, including studying in India as a scholarship student in India, and have many connections overseas. We understand the preferences and behavior patterns of overseas markets and support multiple languages. In addition, our Representative Director specialized in marketing for about 20 years at a U.S. company. In particular, we specialize in marketing aimed at establishing a brand and gaining awareness. In addition, our strength is that our representatives and employees understand multiple languages, mainly in English.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI, Japan)

Following the Reiwa 3rd, we, Haa Baht Inc. are selected as the support partner of the Reiwa 4th Japan Brand Development Business Project conducted by METI.

Haa Baht Inc. has been selected as a “JAPAN Brand Support Partner”

for the Reiwa 4th JAPAN Brand Development Project.

JAPAN Brand Development Support Project Expenses Subsidy Public Offering Period:

The call for applications has been closed!

June 20, 2022 (Mon) to August 1, 2022 (Mon) 17:00 (Strict observance)

Haa Baht Inc., which was selected by the Small and Medium Enterprise Reiwa Agency as a “JAPAN Brand Support Partner” in FY Reiwa 4th as in FY Reiwa 3rd, has the experience and achievements of supporting overseas expansion and the know-how necessary for it.

In particular, India, the world’s second largest market with a population of more than 1.4 billion, has strong personal networks, extensive experience, and above all, a proven track record. If you are considering expanding overseas, please contact Haa Baht Inc.

【Review business strategy and enter overseas markets】

In the post-corona era, the upheaval of the business environment has forced many businesses to review their business strategies. We think that there are many businesses that are considering entering new markets, including overseas, with the aim of expanding the market.

When you are launching an existing product or service that you are confident in bringing to market to a new market, it is important to be familiar with the market environment and to find a suitable local partner. And one way to do that is to enlist the help of someone who knows the market well. There’s a big difference between knowing and not knowing! By changing the target’s persona and specifications according to the living and social situation, and by reviewing the target and communication methods, etc., you can lead overseas market expansion to success. People who know the market well are “JAPAN Brand Development Support Partners”. We also provide support for market research, translation, branding strategies using local SNS, etc.

【JAPAN Brand Development Support Project】

The “JAPAN Brand Development Support Project” implemented by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency aims to capture the extraterritorial demand of regional SMEs by subsidizing part of the expenses of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs, etc.) in the case of initiatives such as the development and improvement of new products and services, branding, and the development of new sales channels, etc. for overseas expansion and nationwide expansion with an eye on it. It aims to contribute to the revitalization of the regional economy and the promotion of regional small and medium-sized enterprises.

【JAPAN Brand Development Support Project Expenses】

In order to receive subsidies for business expenses such as support for the development of the JAPAN brand,
(1) From among the “support partners” selected and announced by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency at the time of application, the support partners to be used and their support services should be clearly stated.
(2) Pay appropriate consideration for support services provided by the support partner during the subsidy project period based on the contract with the support partner, etc.

Amount of Subsidy

Within 5 million yen (lower limit of 2 million yen) * Up to 20 million yen in the case of a multi-party cooperative body

○ Multi-party cooperative body (In principle, all small and medium-sized enterprises, etc. that make up the cooperative body need to aim to develop overseas sales channels.) In the case of joint application, the upper limit of 5 million yen will be raised for each party, and the upper limit up to 20 million yen will be raised.

○ Even in the case of cooperation of 5 or more parties, the upper limit of 20 million yen does not change. Even in the case of joint application, the minimum limit of 2 million yen does not change.

Subsidy Rate

1st and 2nd years: Within 2/3

3rd year: 1/2 or less

○However, projects that clearly indicate that overseas expansion will be carried out within three years will be eligible expenses for subsidies within 1/2 of the subsidy rate for the part related to the development of domestic sales channels.

Period of Subsidized ProjectsGrant decision date ~ Reiwa until the end of March 2023



When applying for an overseas expansion subsidy project,
please select Haa Baht Inc. with a proven track record.
Haa Baht Inc. can assist you from the formulation of a business plan
to the establishment of your company overseas expansion and brand.

Our Strengths!!

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Branding and Marketing

We specialize in branding and marketing. Based on the results of research on overseas markets, we propose business plans, including strategy planning. We also plan marketing promotions for brand development

technology, information, digital

SNS Marketing

We specialize in SNS marketing in response to the digital age. Our Indian employees with extensive experience and high skills build English websites and develop SNS promotions. We also produce highly appealing videos.

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We support you with a running type

We provide accompaniment support for selecting destinations, looking for partners, formulating strategies, and formulating business plans. If your company lacks global human resources to promote overseas expansion, please use our accompanying support.

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