Posted time June 26, 2022

Ise-Suzuki Egg India Pvt. Ltd. Is a joint venture company between Suzuki Motor Corporation (parent company of Maruti Suzuki) and Ise Foods, Inc. Japan’s largest and world’s 5th largest egg and egg related processed foods manufacturer in Japan.

It entered India market by transferring Japan standard hygienic production and quality-oriented egg production technology and know-how and introduced the complete cold chain ecosystem and manufacturing for the first time in India.


Position: Logistics Assistant

Job description:

Logistics assistant works collaboratively with a logistics manage specifically:

  • Assist logistics manager and responsible for monitoring products transported and delivered for timeliness and legality
  • Assist in loading/unloading, sorting, and stocking, and packaging products and orders
  • Responsible for the review, verification, and reconciliation of shipping documents
  • Provide support in completing paperwork and documentation via Ise-Suzuki Egg India ERP system
  • Carry out clerical work, including typing, proofreading, and editing documents, correspondence, and reports for the logistics department or assigned
  • Coordinate cross-functionally
  • Reporting and communicating closely with a logistics manager



Education: Bachelor’s degree in logistics, business and related subjects

Experience: 3~5 years logistics experience with the knowledge sales

If the candidate has experience in foods industry and in working with foreign corporate office, that is a strong plus.

Required skills: strong interpersonal and communication skills

Comfortable working on Ise-Suzuki Egg India ERP system.

Language: Strong command of English in speaking, writing

Personal competence: Aggressive committed and hard-working, flexible to cope with Ise Foods Japan corporate way, deliver-the-results attitude, keep promises and punctual, ethical, and honest. One who has strong career inspiration to grown within the company by growing the company in India for a long-term basis

Report to logistics manager


Employment conditions:

Workplace: Noida UP

Salary: Monthly 50,000~60,000 rupees subject to the person’s quality and experience.

Allowance: Transportation and commutation

Probation period: 3 months

Status: full time

PF, Social welfare provided according to Indian labor law


Successful candidate will receive an offer letter and after 14 days from joining the company when both the company and the candidate think the person fits in a position and the job, the formal job offer will be sent.

After 3 months’ probation period, he/she will be hired as a full-time employee.

Those who are eligible and interested, please study about the company more in detail from the website and well understand the company and expected role, send your resume with ID photo.