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Problems faced by Myanmar Specific skill and Technical Intern trainees entering Japan during Corona (Part 2)

Myanmar , Culture / By Takahashi Mitsuko

Due to the corona, the number of people who can’t go to Work in Japan is increasing rapidly. I would like to explain institutionally why so many workers are at a stop when the Japanese government did not restrict entry to Myanmar.

1. Smart Card

          Those who go abroad and work as technical intern trainees or specific skills must receive a smart card issued by Myanmar’s Ministry of Labor. Smart cards are used when you lose your passport while working abroad or when you are wronged by your employer.

In addition to receiving the card, you need to go to the Ministry of Labor of Myanmar and take a training called smart card training class. Those who can receive the training must submit a COE issued by the Government of Japan. Therefore, after the COE (Certificate of Eligibility) is issued, you will receive this training before applying for a visa. However, at the time of corona first wave, this training was held only once, and all applicants could not receive training. This is because Myanmar, like Japan, can’t walk outside the house when strict examples are issued. Training started online during corona second wave, but there are really few people who can participate online, so many people are waiting for face-to-face training. The COE (Certificate of Eligibility) has been issued, but many people are those who cannot go to Japan because many people are waiting to get this smart card. Since the training is held in turn, I have heard many voices that they can not receive it even if it takes a long time. By the way, if technical intern trainees or workers of specific skills are treated unfairly by their employers overseas, they will contact a government organization called MOEAF (Myanmar Overseas Workers Federation) on a hotline. The agency that received the report will contact the sending organization, and the supervising association and the registration support organization that accepted japan will be contacted. The unfair treatment of technical intern trainees in Japan has become a major problem, so this is a measure that the Government of Myanmar is taking to protect its own citizens. You can also contact us on the community Facebook Mel Shwet Pyaung page for Myanmar people working in Japan. The social media community of Myanmar society is very strong.

2. Job Status

At the time of corona second wave, there were many job openings from Japan in agriculture, food factories, nursing care, and construction. However, since it became corona compared to before, it has become demanding a high Level of Japanese. In the previous, many people who passed N4 were able to get a job in nursing care, but those who did not speak well in interviews after becoming Corona failed. It seems that it is becoming more and more difficult for people who do not study to get a job in Japan because their competitiveness has become more intense. It is said that the number of jobs is decreasing in Japan in Corona. Therefore, job information that comes out on SNS may be a lie, and since the number of job openings is decreasing and competition is fierce, there are cases where you give a job offer of a lie and defraud money. So even if job listings come out, people are skeptical.

3. Problems on the Japanese side

Last month, a GoTo campaign restored hotel work, and a Myanmar trainee went to Japan to work at a hotel. However, one month later, the hotel was closed for a long time and was transferred to another hotel. Moreover, it seems that there was a consultation with the sending out organization in Myanmar when the salary decreases further because people who came to Japan by the work of the trainee and the building cleaning have work only about three or four days a week. People who had COE (Certificate of Eligibility) issued at the airport job said that the airport company itself lost their job and refused to invite them. The trainee paid the sending institution, but his employment was canceled and it became a big problem. Japanese restaurants have also lost their jobs, so people who have passed the restaurant specific skills test in Myanmar do not have jobs.

4. Summary

Those who were in Yangon when Corona began are now returning to their local areas. However, if you are able to go to Japan, you have to go all the way to Yangon to apply for a visa, but it is not easy to move because of corona. Everyone prays that Japan will not restrict entry in the future. I felt that people living in Japanese in Myanmar have a 100% relationship with Japanese business. If Japanese business is not good, this is also a problem. When Japan sneezes, Myanmar people catch colds.

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