Mitsuko Takahashi, our Representative Director, has participated and cooperated in various international cultural events for many years.



The Japan Foundation held an event in Bangkok with NHK Radio Japan with the aim of spreading Japanese language education in Thailand. Takahashi was invited to participate as a paneer because of his experience and achievements in Japanese language education in Thailand.

Walk In U.S., Talk on Japan
(2016 and 2018)

From its beginning, participants in the “Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan” program have spoken about Japan’s attractiveness and appeal to audiences in cities across the United States. The program is rooted in the belief that cultural exchanges between Japanese people and a broad and diverse range of Americans—focused on regional cities where there are fewer opportunities to know and appreciate Japan—can nurture the Japan-U.S. friendship at a grassroots level.

Mitsuko Takahashi has participated twice as a delegation under the Japanese Government Prime Minister's office.

Visit to Thailand

Under Japan Foundation's National project, Mitsuko Takahashi was selected to teach in a Thai school for the purpose of propagating Japanese language and culture among Thai children. The teaching experience has created a deep impact on several students.

Visit to Myanmar

Mitsuko Takahashi with Htet Htet Aung visited Myanmar to deal with employment agencies in Myanmar. Haabaht Inc. made an agreement and signed a contract with an employment agency. They also met with Burmese people who wish to come and work in Japan. This grassroot program has deepened understanding between Myanmar people on individual level.
New Project

Ise Foods Co., Ltd. company, support for expansion in
India (2017~) 

Ise Foods, the largest company in the Japanese chicken and egg industry, has established a poultry farm in Haryana, India, to launch high-quality, safe eggs in the Indian market. Haberz is helping Ise Foods enter the Indian market. 

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