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Myanmar Culture (Custom of Names)

Myanmar , Culture / By Takahashi Mitsuko

In many countries of the world, a person has a surname and a name. Name your baby when it’s born. I already have my parents’ last name. However, myanmar has not had a family name for a long time, and only the first name is used for the baby. If you don’t have a family name, you’ll be in trouble when you go outside of Myanmar or work. For example, when I book a flight, I always get lost by name. If the name of the ticket you booked is wrong, you may not be able to get on the plane, so it will always be harassing. I would like to introduce how to name it in Myanmar and its customs.

1. Buddhists

Most Myanmar Buddhists name it after the day they were born. The practice of dinging names like that seems to have something to do with astrology. So, if you usually look at the person’s name, you can see on what day of the week it was born. There are many people who decide what day of the week they were born and how compatible or bad they are with them.

For example, the initials of the name of the person born on Monday are Ka, Kha, ga, and nga. The names of those born on Tuesday are sa, za, nya, etc. I was born on Saturday, so it goes with the words Ta , da ,hte ,na. My name is (Htet Htet Aung-Tette Aung) and it has the word hte. My grandfather and grandmother also named it that way. Of course, some people don’t name them according to their custom.

Tibetan-Burmese schoolBurmese

Yakine (Arakan, Rakhine)
Inter Kachin Kayan (Emir)
Karen (Po,
Sugo) Karenny
(Kaya) Naga Chin
Pao Bue
Sina language schoolChinese
Thai-Kadei languages Thai (Shan)
Thai Yai, Thai Kamti, Tai Mao, Tai Kuhn
Austronesian languagesMokens
Miao Yao language familyMeo people
Austro-Asian languagesHmong
European languages British Indian


Source: World Travel

2. People

Myanmar is a other ethnic nation. Different ethnic groups have different habits of changing their names. Therefore, when you look at the unique faces and names of ethnic groups, you can imagine what ethnic groups are. For example, the names sai are used by ethnic Shan men, and the names of women are named Nan. The name of the Mon people is Min, and if it is a Yakain people, the word Oo is used.

3. Colonial influences

Myanmar was a British colony. British names have surnames and fass names. Some Myanmar people imitate it and put their father’s name after their first name and make it their baby’s name. In that case, the name will be long. For example, your name is Thida , and your father’s name is Nyunt Maung. There are still many people who give their father’s name. I also want to put my father’s name behind my name when I was a child. Myin Tun is my father’s name. I wanted to be Htet Htet Myint Tun in my name. But my mother was refused because the fortune teller’s name was not good for me.

As well as British influence, the king used his father’s name during the time of the Kingdom of Myanmar. Myanmar Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Su Kyi also has his father’s name Aung San. So, following the customs of the kingdom, he became his father’s name Aung San + Suu Kyi.

4. Summary

Myanmar also has a variety of religions, and each religion has a different custom of each name. Ask a fortune teller to give her name To Burmese Buddhists, and different ethnic groups have different names. However, Myanmar does not have a common family name. Women don’t change their names in marriage. I use one name from birth to death. There is no change from father’s family name to husband’s family name in Myanmar in marriage.

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