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Job placement is One of our area of specialties! Especially, we have abundant of network and relationship with Indian and Myanmar people for engineers and workers positions.

Levels and kind of candidates we recruit at

Talented grads or highly experienced IT specialists and specific skill workers, we take on job placement briefs at all levels! Once briefed, we will work extremely closely with you to understand your requirements, ensuring we find people who tick all of the boxes and operate at the level you need! We can communicate with the job seekers in their own language to understand them fully before introducing them to you.

Cost to you as an employer

You will not be charged by us until your employment begins. Our rates are consulted as a percentage of the theoretical annual income of the recruited personnel. In rare cases, we take measures if new employees do not get used to it. Don't worry.

Who we work with

We work with Medium & Small sized companies who are seeking to expand overseas and face shortage of manpower. 1. Trade brokerage 2. IT Digital Offshore Support 3. Translation service (Myanmar and English) 4. Training (Japanese Language, Business Culture, Different Cultures) Seminars & Training.

How it works?

Once contacted, we’ll discuss your business and the talent you are seeking. Terms will be agreed, and a job spec put forward which will be taken to market in all the methods that make us experts. Selected candidates will be recommended to you and set up interviews. Once a job is offered, we will make sure visa and other necessary supports to be provided until your employee starts to work at your place. We will support even after the new employee joining your company as necessary.

So, why work with us?

Haa Baht's internationally experienced team understands the needs of Japanese companies and foreign job seekers and introduces the best human resources. Haa Baht sends experts with skills and special skills to companies.

Key Points

Merits of Hiring Foreign Persons

Feature One

Accepting foreign persons is important to accept "different cultures". First of all, we will overcome the inevitable problems, and for the first time we will be able to understand them.

Feature Two

Foreign persons have skills that Japanese people don't have. Like IT skills, specific skills etc.

Feature Three

Even small and medium-sized enterprises can hire excellent foreign people who do not care about the size or brand of the company.

Feature Four

Diversity becomes vital. Work in jobs that Japanese people don't apply for.

Feature Five

They are highly motivated to work.

Feature Six

There is a grant for foreign recruitment, so we will also give you advice.

Demerits of Hiring Foreign Persons


There's language and cultural barrier.


Japanese into understanding of foreigners in the field is a problem.


There are procedures and rules for hiring foreigners.

Solutions to the Disadvantages Proposed by our Company


Solutions to language barriers: We will introduce Japanese lessons by experienced Japanese language teachers according to your wishes.


Cultural barriers and insanity of Japanese people toward foreigners: Seminars will be held.


Procedures and rules for hiring foreigners: We provide one-stop support.

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